Umbrella is a RHG made by Resh.

Umbrella is part of the Clan Nemesis.

Umbrella's weapon, the Umbrella-X768, is a multi-ranged weapon, used in close and far combat. It can shoot blue projectiles and can be used as a lance. It is made of some solid material that can't be broken. He seems helpless without his weapon.

Umbrella uses the Umbrella-X768, originally from the Umbrella Division. He appears to seek revenge against his commander Red, who expelled Umbrella after fighting FLLFFL, due to Umbrella being crippled from an overexposure to radiation. He is a soldier who would take out anyone who stands in his way. In need of assistance, he joined Nemesis, the first target clan assigned by Red, to seek the cure for his radiation damage, and take out the Umbrella Division. The story continues in "Nemesis: Wars," the upcoming collab as the sequel to the Nemesis Collab Sagas.

"I'll join the cause. And I'll help you take down the division." -Umbrella in "Nemesis: Revenge"

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