Naberius is a dark puple stickman, who is a RHG fighter. Created by NaB3R1uS. He is also a protagonist of the series "Dark under the law"

Appearance: Edit

Normal state: Naberius appears as a purple stickman with black eyes like a normal person.His arm sometimes turn into Dark purple when he transform into a weapon.

Monster state: His monsterus form represents a head like-reptile. His arms is dark purple, with long fingers.

He also has a tail upon transformation.

Personality: Edit

He is mostly often saw very calm and being patient upon meeting his opponents. He is shown to be sometimes easily get shock during unexpected moments. Like fighting with Turquoise, whose is an opponent of Naberius, texting him that he is about to battle him by breaking into his house. He is mostly hungry while fighting. (This is mostly seen when he is finishing his opponents by eating them at the end, Excluding Turquoise, due to being his first opponent). He 's also known to like video games.( Seen in "Dark under the law episode 1" when he saws a 500B on the ground).

Abilities and Powers: Edit

Naberius is shown to have great agility and power as able to transform into a monster. He is capable of fighting with even only 1 hand. ( Seen in most fights )

His arm is the ideal of dealing most damage to his opponents. Even losing his arm, he can still regenerate a new one or make his arm bigger to smash his opponents.His speed is useful for landing mutiple hits on his enemy.

When is in his transformation form, his orginal speed and strength increased. He is able to climb too. When finishing off his opponents, he'll release a group of snakes like-serpents and try to devour netheir him/her.

Battles: Edit

ABG#1 Naberius VS Senzon: WON

[ABG#2] Naberius VS Ronfine: WON

[ABG]#3 Naberius VS Nikorai&Radiant: WON

[ABG#4]Naberius vs Ghost: Unknown ( Maybe draw)